[PureTaboo.com]Jenna Gargles & JJ Graves ( How Much Weve Both Changed) ( Transsexual,Feature, Hardcore, All Sex ,Transsexual ,Anal) [2022, Feature, Hardcore, All Sex ,Couples 540p]

Jenna Gargles & JJ Graves ( How Much Weve Both Changed)

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Jenna Gargles & JJ Graves
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Дата производства: 2022
Transsexual,Feature, Hardcore, All Sex ,Transsexual ,Anal
Продолжительность: 00:38:03
Alyssa (Jenna Gargles) receives a phone call from her estranged stepfather, Darryl (JJ Graves). This makes Alyssa suspicious, because they haven't spoken since her other parent's death. Darryl admits he was a mess back then, and that he only recently found out about Alyssa being trans. He regrets not being there for her in the past, and wants to meet up. Alyssa is still suspicious but also hopeful, clearly wanting a familial relationship with Darryl. She agrees to meet with him.
The next day, Darryl arrives and is overly warm. He dwells on Alyssa's beautiful appearance, which hints at attraction, although she doesn't notice yet. She invites him further into the house, and they sit down to catch up. Alyssa points out that Darryl had always ignored her back when she presented as male before coming out. Darryl tries to blame it on grief from when Alyssa's other parent died, though Alyssa isn't convinced. Darryl feigns regret, apologizing for being so terrible. He claims that they've BOTH changed a lot and that they should focus on the future instead. Alyssa wants to move forward, but is still a bit hesitant and hurt.
Darryl changes the subject, seemingly a bit too eager to do so. He starts asking personal questions, claiming that he wants to get to know her well, though he is clearly sussing out her availability. Alyssa doesn't yet catch on, flattered by the attention, and admits that she's single. Darryl encourages Alyssa to take pictures with him, gushing about how photogenic she is. Alyssa is a bit bashful but agrees and they take some cutesy family pictures. Darryl sneaks her a peck on the cheek, which throws Alyssa off a bit.
Darryl continues on to ask her how her transition is going, offering to buy her gifts to help. But things start to become uncomfortable as he overplays his hand by offering to buy her lingerie. Alyssa cuts him off. She starts to put the pieces together, calling him out for only taking an interest in her now that he thinks she's hot. He isn't acting appropriately for a normal familial relationship. Darryl finally drops the act, admitting that he's only there because he's sexually attracted to her. Darryl shamelessly preys on Alyssa wanting family in her life, telling her that he'll only be involved in her life if she gives him what he wants. Alyssa is shocked but desperate for family, so she agrees to have sex. But can this really give her the kind of familial connection that SHE wants?

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